Third Shot Drop

Mastering this shot is critical for being a competitive player

Basic Third Shot Drop
Many experienced players say that Pickleball games really start to get interesting with the third shot.  This is because there are now no restrictions on play and the player returning the service return has many different shot strategies they can take.   Such as “drilling the net person”, “down the line shot”, a "soft return" or doing a “kitchen drop shot” which tends to be most popular.   Mastering this shot should be a goal of every player. To master the kitchen lob shot we researched some videos to understand how the shot is executed and practiced.  Check them out to master this skill. If you are working on this shot tell your play group so they can provide you feedback on how you are doing with your kitchen lob. Good luck mastering the shot.

Suggested Kitchen Drop ShotVideos

Top 5.0 player Wes Gabrielsen gives us the low down about this tricky shot, telling us why it’s important and how to use it.

Top player Sarah Ansboury explains the Basic Third Shot Drop and how to execute it.

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